Today at Kambala it is Tuesday 22 Aug 2017, 05:26AM

Junior School

Nestled on a hill overlooking Sydney’s beautiful harbour at Rose Bay, is the Kambala Junior School, housing students from Preparation to Year 6. The Junior School is a vibrant and active part of Kambala and provides a warm and nurturing environment where girls and their families are welcomed each day. Of prime importance is furthering learning skills towards goals of academic achievement and excellence. Across the school, all students are encouraged to develop their unique potential and, above all, develop a love of learning.

The NSW Board of Studies six Key Learning Areas are enriched by specialist lessons in Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama, Physical Education, Library and French. Our experienced classroom teachers, specialist staff and learning enrichment teachers provide differentiated and personalised programs, which cater for students of varying ability. A sense of inquiry is promoted through collaborative learning experiences.

Our extensive extra and co-curricular programs allow students to follow their interests and passions. They encompass a variety of activities, which include tennis, swimming, gymnastics, ballet, jazz, instrumental music, Mandarin and chess. Throughout the year many opportunities are provided for students to participate in music recitals, and choral speaking and choir performances.

To create greater global awareness, special cultural events are celebrated and parents are invited to share aspects of their cultural identity. Wellbeing events promote a sense of community and togetherness and encourage students to be supportive of each other. To foster a sense of generosity our students also take part in a number of fund raising activities for a variety of charities.

In Preparation to Year 2 there are two classes at each grade level and the classrooms and shared learning spaces are stimulating, well-resourced and technology rich. The introduction of iPads has strengthened student learning and allows families to share in their daughters’ learning at home. Classrooms are complemented by an outdoor playground with shaded, covered and soft fall play areas, a large sandpit, a wide variety of movable play equipment, a sensory garden and an amphitheatre for eating and outdoor performances.

Coming to school is an adventure. Whether it be through academic, sporting or creative learning experiences, Kambala students acquire positive dispositions towards learning and are encouraged to pursue excellence in all they do.

Students in Years 3 to 6, at any given time, will be engaged in a myriad of activities: making iMovies, painting, conducting scientific experiments, creating a poem, compiling a report, playing music, netball practice, preparing for the Tournament of Minds competition, finding a team line for a Friday night Debate or organising a cake stall to support a charity.

Gifted and talented students are given more complex and challenging curriculum experiences. Differentiated and individualised programs and groupings cater for students of varying ability.

Recognising the importance of computer technology in today’s society, Kambala provides students in Year 3 and 4 with one to one iPads; and access to a bank of laptops, which can be borrowed at any time; and Years 5 and 6 students with their own laptop. All teaching spaces include a wireless network.

By the end of a girl’s time in the Junior School phase of her education at Kambala, she will not only have obtained an excellent academic foundation, she will also have been exposed to a variety of social and cultural experiences which will have helped develop her independence and self-confidence.