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Debra Kelliher, Principal

Teaching girls – why single-sex education is important 

There is ongoing debate surrounding the relevance of girls’ schools in today’s contemporary society. One of the questions raised is whether a single sex education prepares students for the co-educational world. Does Kambala prepare girls to live in the real world? I believe we do and I believe we do it well.

Kambala has a vital place in Australia’s contemporary educational landscape. We raise confident, capable girls who are ready to enter the world beyond school, supported by strong enduring relationships developed throughout their school years.

I want to see our current students and Old Girls continue to leverage these relationships. Our Fellowship program in New York, with Old Girl Josephine (Brazil) Linden (’69), is opening remarkable pathways for those engaging with the program. Every year one or two Old Girls apply for the Fellowship with Josephine at her firm, Linden Global Strategies. Josephine offers the girls an extraordinary experience, including exposure to her extensive networks within top New York echelons. 

We need to extend such programs to give more of our Old Girls these opportunities. We need to build a tribal network to assist our girls as they embark on their journey into society – giving them sponsorship and opportunity.

I recently read in a Sydney Morning Herald article that “a 2016 British Parliament inquiry found that girls in co-ed high schools are the victims of implicit bias by teachers who steer girls away from ‘hard’ subjects like advanced maths, physics and computer science, and that they are subjected to daily sexual harassment (including 29% of girls aged 16-18 who experience unwanted sexual touching at school).” 

The opposite is true here. More Kambala girls than ever are opting for university studies in STEM areas when they leave school. The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia says that, “Academically there is strong evidence that girls, especially in Maths and Science, benefit from the all-girl school. Girls in girls’ schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose, including in the “gender atypical’ areas“. 

The big picture is that girls are unique, and girls’ education is remarkably beneficial on many levels. Let’s extend those benefits even further, to the world beyond Kambala – because we are committed to providing an education and community that supports our girls both now and into the future.  

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