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Recent News at Kambala in 2017
Debra Kelliher, Principal

Term 1: A time of Humanity, Courage, Wonder and Respect


This term, our girls have demonstrated their ability to balance heavy academic workloads with their extra and co-curricular commitments, all whilst remembering to laugh, smile and show kindness to others.

As Principal, I couldn’t be prouder of the teamwork and leadership skills our girls have displayed on countless occasions. We have seen them shine and sparkle at music recitals, swimming carnivals and debating competitions, to name a few.

Today’s Kamfest in the Senior School was a hilarious celebration of Kambala – academic staff, students and especially Gail, our receptionist. Year 12 won the competition with an extraordinary video, complete with aerial shots on the oval, dancing and Mr Sollner singing.

Our girls’ incredible application to everything they undertake at Kambala should be truly commended. 

We know that our unstoppable young women would not be privy to such a vibrant and supportive school environment if it weren’t for the absolute dedication and support they receive from our Staff. I thank all Staff for going above and beyond this term to ensure our girls can thrive here every day.


Sporting success

Our performance in sporting competitions has been incredible this term, with a number of teams and individuals doing Kambala very proud! I recognise in particular our most recent champions from Kambala’s Touch teams, Tildesley Shield tennis, and IPSHA Cross Country – well done girls! Just today, Mr Andrew Taylor (Acting Head of Sport) and I presented many girls with medals for their achievements at a Sport assembly. 


Sundial improvements 

I am pleased to advise that a number of improvements to Sundial will take place over the school holidays.

Changes will include:

  • real-time Sport updates for weekend competitions;  
  • the removal of outdated content;  
  • a more granular approach to ‘news’ items;
  • and a more user-friendly dashboard so that parents can easily find the areas of school life that are relevant to their family, on any device.


Looking ahead to Term 2 . . .


Japan Tour

I wish students and staff travelling to Japan a safe journey filled with wonder. We look forward to hearing about your travels upon your return!



Throughout the first week of term, the Kambala community will pay our respects to those who have served and fallen through a range of formal and informal events and activities. 


Boarders return

We look forward to welcoming our boarders back after some much deserved time spent with family. 


First day of term – Wednesday 26 April 

We welcome all students back on 26 April.

Year 11 parents are also invited to a Study Skills Seminar at 6:30pm.


Wishing you a joyous Easter  

As we approach Easter, a time of renewed hope and reconciliation, I wish you all a restful time of enjoyment with family and friends. I will be celebrating Easter at Church; and reflecting on the Easter message of new life, sacrifice and finding light where there was darkness. Let us reconnect in Term 2 to continue our mission of educating ‘The Whole Girl’ as a kind, courageous and connected community. 


Debra Kelliher

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