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Boarding at Kambala

Boarding provides greater opportunities for companionship and friendship and so adds a further dimension to school life. Kambala has been a boarding school since its formation; today there is accommodation for 90 boarders. Boarders from Year 6 to Year 10 live in Tivoli, the gracious home of the original Tivoli estate, of which the school was once a part. Frequented by the colonial artist Conrad Martens during the 1840s, extensively renovated by architect John Horbury Hunt in the 1880s, and upgraded regularly since then, Tivoli combines modern dormitory-style living with a sense of old world charm.

Fernbank, the Senior Boarding House caters for girls in Years 11 and 12 who enjoy more independent living, social privileges and greater privacy for study. This building is situated in Bayview Hill Road and boasts beautiful harbour views and a familial ambience.

Tivoli House

Tivoli House



A caring, nurturing and disciplined environment is maintained by the Director of Boarding, the resident staff, the school counsellors and the school nurses. The Principal takes an active role in Boarding House life, ensuring that the residential experience of each girl is both happy and self-fulfilling.

The Parents of Boarders group is an active and supportive body working with the boarding staff to enhance the community life of Kambala. This group meets regularly, conducts social functions and activities providing a link between boarding parents and the school.

The Boarders’ Advisory Team is a representative council of girls elected by their peers to work in conjunction with the Head of Boarding to maintain excellence in facilities and pastoral care.

Most of Kambala’s boarders are from country areas of New South Wales, but there are some from overseas. Boarders are each assigned to a mentor who acts as a guide and friend in the early stages of the girl’s boarding life. Academic support and a well structured social calendar provided for all boarders enable the efficient and easy transition to boarding.

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The fact that Kambala Boarding is consistently full is testament to its popularity and its sense of community. It provides an atmosphere where adolescent girls may develop and appreciate the limitless potential of young women.