Today at Kambala it is Thursday 27 Oct 2016, 02:04AM

Kambala became an authorised International Baccalaureate World School in 2010. Students now have the choice of two pathways to matriculation: the HSC or the IB Diploma. Read more


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G'Day and Welcome to Kambala


Kambala is an Early Learning Centre — Year 12 Anglican girls’ school, offering both the HSC and IB; located in beautiful grounds on the rising shore above Rose Bay, overlooking Sydney Harbour.

At Kambala, we believe in the capacity of young women to create change for good in the world. We believe in their capability, energy, optimism and strength. We are sure every girl has the right to be herself and we will support every girl to be so. Our sense of community is strong. We delight in seeing our girls reach high — academically, on the sports field, creatively and in their areas of talent. Our Christian foundation gives us a framework for how we treat each other. A true spirit of service is important to us — we know that together at Kambala we can achieve great things.

The Kambala vision offers values relevant to young people today — integrity, respect for others, inclusivity and the importance of leadership skills such as teamwork, discipline and the ability to establish challenging and achievable goals.

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